Saturday, February 22, 2020


'STIR-CRAZY' is an original acrylic painting completed on 11 x 14 inch stretched canvas by Cierra Rowe. This painting is one of many included in my ever-growing 'HELLESCAPE' Collection. Stir-Crazy is currently priced at $50.00

The comforts of indoors are, for the most part, plentiful. You are shielded from weather, noise, strangers and most disturbances. You have a sense of privacy, comfort and familiarity that compliments routine. More often than not your survival is mundane because your needs are easily satiated. Your food, water and personal belongings are mere steps from where you stand. What happens when you confine yourself to a place for a prolonged period of time? How long before you question reality? How long before you no longer know who you are or why you're here? When does ''home'' become prison? How long before you go stir-crazy?

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'VISITOR' is an original acrylic painting completed on 10 x 10 inch stretched canvas (deep) by Cierra Rowe. This painting is a painting that stands alone, being that it is not included in a collection. Visitor is currently priced at $50.00

Visitor is a scene set within a doorway to a room. It questions who you invite in to your life and who you leave out of it. What are your reasons for doing either and what consequences arise from each? There is one spirit present in this painting and the candles show light within the darkness, which is a theme I frequently touch on within my art. As I mentioned before during an interview, I sometimes veer off into someplace else while I paint, meaning that my themes may sometimes morph into other themes.

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Cierra Rowe is from rural Kentucky, USA.

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